Empowering forced migrants through enabling interventions:

Objective :

The main objective of this project is to intensify advocacy towards reviewing current Forced Migrant and forced migration policy and enactment of appropriate policy and legal framework with necessary services to needy clients. The short-term impact of the project on the promotion and protection of human rights of the asylum seekers and Forced Migrants was visible with the Government’s decision to waive immigration penalties to the Forced Migrants/asylum-seekers who were leaving Nepal either on voluntary repatriation or third country settlement. Though the decision was made on an ad-hoc basis, the few families ready to be resettled benefitted. The project has been proved as very appropriate, especially in the context where the issues of asylum seekers and Forced Migrants have been grossly overlooked and neglected and have been dealt with on an ad-hoc basis without any normative and legislative framework.

Rationale of the project :

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