Better Living Option Program:

Objective :

Under the thematic area, INHURED International has executed a year-long Better Living Option Program (BLOP) targeted at empowering adolescents (aged 13-19) by increasing their knowledge of a wide range of better living options. BLOP is important for the holistic development of adolescents and for shaping the secure future. Informal education is also equally important for bringing positive changes in the attitudes and behaviors of adolescents. They will learn the skills of questioning that will help eventually in building self-esteem and confidence. Through this program, hence, adolescents will have insights into making specific decisions in their lives that will help them to think, plan, and decide accordingly. The guidance provided during the program will make them self-disciplined and will enable them to understand their potential.

Rationale of the project :

The general objective of the project is to empower and increase knowledge among adolescents on making better living choices.

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